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Wireless Internet Prices

CWay Wireless for Home Promotion

Speed (Down and Upload)Classic (1:8)Premium (1:3)
Premium Plus (1:2) *
Up to 2Mb UncapR210 p/mR395 p/mR895 p/m
Up to 4Mb UncapR350 p/mR565 p/mR1065 p/m
Up to 5Mb UncapR420 p/mR645 p/mR1145 p/m
Up to 6Mb UncapR490 p/mR775 p/mR1275 p/m
Up to 7Mb UncapR560 p/mR910 p/mR1410 p/m
Up to 8Mb UncapR620 p/mR1090 p/mR1590 p/m
Up to 10Mb UncapR760 p/mR1125 p/mR1625 p/m
Up to 12Mb UncapR900 p/mR1200 p/mR1700 p/m
Limit Offer Wireless for Home True Uncap.
Once off installation cost: R2500 (Includes: Antenna, Pipe & Bracket, Wi-Fi Router and Installation)
Extra equipment will be first quoted on should it be required.
Terms & Conditions apply. Subject to debit order. Please confirm price with our office.

* For Premium Plus, bandwidth capacity is directly related to hardware and therefor will be quoted on separately.

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