Morgenzon Region Wireless Prices

Line Speed

Most Popular

Up to 2Mb Uncap

R156 p/m = (R78/Mb)

Up to 4Mb Uncap

R310 p/m = (R77.5/Mb)

Up to 5Mb Uncap

R395p/m = (R79/Mb)

Up to 6Mb Uncap

R468 p/m = (R78/Mb)

Up to 7Mb Uncap

R545 p/m = (R77,8/Mb)

Up to 8Mb Uncap

R625 p/m = (R78,10/Mb)

Up to 10Mb Uncap

R585 p/m = (R58.5/Mb)

R695 p/m = (R69.5/Mb)

Up to 12Mb Uncap

R910 p/m = (R75.8/Mb)

Choose between installation options:
  1. Purchase Equipment Option. Once off R3500. 
  • No long term contracts. We only require a clean calendar month notification for cancellation (Not 30 days).
  • Please note: These prices are subject to debit order signup only. — If you choose EFT, or Cash payment method, an additional R50/month administration fee will be added.
  • Terms and Conditions of Service apply and must be agreed to.
  • Extra equipment needed will be quoted on separately
  • One-month returnable deposit required on sign-up