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C-Way Voip (Voice)

Voip is short for Voice over IP.
This is a method of communication where voice packets are send over standard Internet Protocol (IP) communication devices.
This allows the industry to save you and me a lot on traditional Telephone line rentals and calls.
Have a look at the following:
Residential Line Rental (your telephone number) = R135 p/m

** Please note this must be paid regardless of if you make a call or not.
This increase if you are a business owner of course
Business Line Rental = R175 p/m
Remember, if you have a ADSL line account, your ADSL line rental has to be added to your phone line rental. Depending on the ADSL speed you have, it will cost you even more per month.
But wait it does not stop there. You must still browse the Internet. So you must add your Cap or Uncap account also. If you take a very conservative amount of R100 for a 3Gb account, you should add another R100 p/m.

How can we save you money?
By using our wireless voice and wireless internet system, we immediately save you the Telkom line rentals.

But wait, it is getting better!!! We can save you up to a further 25% on your phone calls.
This is also for home users.
Now let’s summarize. This is what you get.

  1. No Telkom line rentals
  2. Up to 25% saving on your phone calls
  3. Your own ADSL account
  4. Your own 087 telephone number
  5. Fast internet
  6. Reliable Telephone connection
  7. Instant support

I hear you ask, what if I want to keep my current phone number?

Fortunately there is a way for that too. We can port your current number to work to the new number. Please contact us for a full explanation and demonstration on how this works in the real world of business

Welcome to the future of Telecommunications
Welcome to C-Way Voice and Wireless Internet Solutions.