Protecting Minors

We take protecting our Children very seriously. The following links will assist you in your important calling from the Lord to responsible parenthood. Please contribute to the list by sending recommendations to


The following sites have useful information or programs for protecting minors from problematic online content

  • CBTPlanet: Computer Security in the Social Media World
  • Certstaff: A Comprehensive Computer Safety & Security Guide
  • Cyberangels: World’s oldest and largest Internet safety organisation
  • GetNetwise: Educating parents and children about how to use the Internet safely
  • KidShield: Tools and information to create a safety net for your children online
  • Mobilebroadband: index to resources for Internet Safety for Kids
  • NetSafe: the website of the Internet Safety Group of New Zealand
  • Protecting children in cyberspace
  • Making your family’s online experience fun and productive
  • WiredKids: Online safety for kids and teens
  • the world’s largest Internet safety and help group


  • Chatting with kids about being online (pdf). (From