Standerton Region Wireless Prices

Line Speed

Most Popular

Up to 2Mb Uncap

R156 p/m = (R78/Mb)

Up to 4Mb Uncap

R310 p/m = (R77.5/Mb)

Up to 5Mb Uncap

R395p/m = (R79/Mb)

Up to 6Mb Uncap

R468 p/m = (R78/Mb)

Up to 7Mb Uncap

R545 p/m = (R77,8/Mb)

Up to 8Mb Uncap

R625 p/m = (R78,10/Mb)

Up to 10Mb Uncap

R585 p/m = (R58.5/Mb)

R695 p/m = (R69.5/Mb)

Up to 12Mb Uncap

R910 p/m = (R75.8/Mb)

Choose between installation options:

  1. Rental Option. Once off R1500. (Credit Verification Compalsory. By far the most popular because we replace if faulty or power damaged. All equipment remains the responsibility and property of C-Way. (Lightning damage is our damage and automatically covered) Minimum 5Mb Premium required. (Available in selected regions)
  2. Purchase Equipment Option. Once off R3500. (No Credit Verification Required) Lightning and power related damage are not covered by us. (Includes: Antenna, Pipe & Bracket, Wi-Fi Router and Installation)
  • No long-term contracts. We only require a clean calendar month notification for cancellation counting from the next 1st of a Month.
  • Please note: These prices are subject to debit order signup only.
    – If you choose “Cash payment method” or “Payment by Credit Card”, an additional R50/month administration fee will be added.
  • Terms and Conditions of Service apply and must be agreed to.
  • Extra equipment needed will be quoted on separately
Up to 5Mb
Installation Options